Why We Pack, and You Should, Too

The Byers Family explains.


28 years. That’s how long Battle Creek’s C.O. Brown Stadium has remained in in Bailey Park. 3 minor league teams have come and gone, but don’t tell that to Barb Byers and her husband Russ, longtime residents of Delton. “Until the Bombers came to Battle Creek, we never even went to the ballpark,” she explains. “Then we started going to the 5-Pack games and just loved it. It’s a great summer getaway, great entertainment, and a family can go at a reasonable cost.”

“It’s one heck of a deal,” inserts Russ, “everyone should check it out.”

They’re referring to the Bombers 5-Packs, a mini-ticket plan that includes 5 tickets to all weekend games starting at $13 per ticket. But that’s not all. “You don’t have to bring your wallet, everything is covered,” Barb illustrates, “your food is covered, beverages are covered.” She’s talking about the all you can eat food that is included with each ticket. 4 innings of unlimited burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, potato salad, soda, and more, at every game.

The food is set up buffet-style. Allowing each fan to customize his or her own plate. Barb’s favorite? “Mac and cheese, but my brother-in-law likes the coleslaw the best.”

“We usually start eating before the game. They’ll have a couple of picnic tables there, so we’ll grab our food early and sit down at a picnic table while the ball teams are warming up and talk to the other families there.”

“One thing we’ve found with the Bombers games is, if you go enough, there are certain people that are there all the time. And the ones you see all the time, you see them walking by and everyone starts being friends with teach other. You may not always know their names but they’ll stop and say ‘hi’. And then when you see them out, they recognize you from the Bombers games. Even though we’re only there for a few short months, we remember each other all year long.”

Barb was serious when she said you won’t need your wallet, not even to pick up a few souvenirs. Each pack comes with 5 free gifts like a “hat, jersey, bobbleheads, little baseball bats, they give away a number of things for the 5-Packs,” Barb says. Indeed, the value of the gifts the Bombers include is over $75, even though each ticket starts at just $13.

Russ sums it up, “We just love that the Bombers came to Battle Creek and made it so affordable to families. It’s a wonderful experience. And for the price, where are you going to get entertainment and a meal like that?”

Bombers 5-Packs start at $13 per ticket. To learn more visit fill out the form below, or call us at 269.962.0735, or email jonathan@battlecreekbombers.com.

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