Something New Brewing for the Huskies

The locally owned Duluth Huskies Baseball Club is proud and pleased to announce a collaboration with Bernick’s as their 2017 beverage vendor.  Huskies owner Michael Rosenzweig announced today that Miller Beer products and Pepsi soft drink products will be available at Wade Stadium for the Huskies 2017 season.  Rosenzweig said, “We listen to our fans and provide the entertainment and products they want. Bernick’s is bringing those products to our operation”.

In addition to the popular line of Miller beer products, the award winning Bent Paddle Brewing Company products will be featured at the historic Wade Stadium. Denny Nelson of Bernick’s stated Bernick’s is, “excited to bring locally brewed Bent Paddle products to the locally owned Huskies”.

Saturday, June 3rd, at 7:05 p.m. the Huskies mount their season opener against Wilmer at the Wade.


For additional information contact Greg Culver, Huskies GM,  218.786.9909