The Duluth Huskies and Wade Municipal Stadium, continues to be the centerpiece of fun and entertainment in the Northland. The historic ballpark has hosted more than 250,000 fans for the 240 plus events held on average each year! During the summer months, the Huskies will host outstanding family entertainment at affordable prices for all 36 home games.

Local, regional and national companies and organizations continue to look at Wade Stadium as a central place to advertise; reaching families and residents of Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Contrary to traditional advertising, which may only be seen or heard for seconds at a time, Huskies games last approximately three hours giving companies plenty of time to make a lasting impression with fans.

Advertising with the Huskies is a great way to align your business with one of the most recognizable and successful brands in the area. In addition, non-traditional advertising with sports teams and venues is a unique way to brand your product or service and set yourself apart from your competition.

The Huskies offer many different advertising options ranging from signage to print to online options and much much more. See below for a sampling of what we have to offer:


  • Outfield Wall Signs
  • Outfield Sky Signs
  • Backstop Pad Sign
  • Bullpen Fence Sign
  • Dugout Top Sign
  • Foul Pole Sign
  • Foul Line Fence Banner
  • Grandstand Banner
  • Stadium Walkway Banner
  • Grandstand Pilar Sign
  • Broadcast/PA Sign
  • Breezeway Sign
  • Standings Board
  • League Leader Board
  • Fan Services Sign
  • Concourse Signs
  • Main Entry Pilar Wrap
  • Concourse Pole Banner


  • Duluth Huskies Game Program
  • Huskie Howl Gameday Insert
  • Pocket Schedules
  • Ticket Back Coupons
  • Will-Call Envelopes


  • Team Poster
  • Baseball Cap
  • Baseball Cards
  • Baseballs
  • T-shirt
  • Unique Branded Items


  • Between Inning Promotions
  • Weekday Promotions
  • Retail Marketplace Promotions
  • Specialty Promotions


  • Fireworks
  • Books & Baseball
  • Boy and Girl Scouts
  • Little League Baseball and Softball
  • Youth Sports Fundraiser Opportunities


  • Internet Banner Advertising
  • 30-second Broadcast Commercials
  • In-Game Broadcast Features
  • PA Reads

For more information and to speak with a Huskies Corporate Sales Representative, please call the Duluth Huskies Offices at 218-786-9909.