How Much Are Tickets and When Can I Buy Them?

Individual Game Tickets pricing and how to purchase for the 2019 season can be found HERE

To purchase season tickets and group tickets call the Huskies office at (218) 786-9909 or visit our Group Tickets page.

What is the age minimum to purchase a ticket?

Children 5 and under receive FREE admission to the game.

When do Huskies games start?
Most game times are as follows: Monday-Saturday 6:35pm Sunday 3:05pm
Some games may be scheduled at different times.
Please see the Game Schedule to make sure.

No fans are allowed in the stadium prior to opening.

What happens if the game gets rained out?

With Wade Stadium’s NEW artificial turf field, it is very unlikely to have a rainout. In fact, in the 2018 season, the Huskies faced ZERO rain delays at home. However please read the following for rainout information.
If a game is rained out prior to the conclusion of the 5th inning, all tickets for reserved seats can be redeemed at the ticket office for any other game remaining in the regular season, based
on availability. If a game is rained out prior to the gates opening, all Kennel Klub tickets can be redeemed at the ticket office for any game remaining in the regular season, based on availability.
If the rainout occurs two hours and thirty minutes (2.5) after the gates have opened, regardless of how much of the game has been played, all Kennel Klub tickets will be considered used and have no value.
All ticket holders agree that once the game has been played beyond the required five (5) innings to make it a complete game, all tickets will be considered used and will have no value at the ticket office.

Where can I park when going to a Duluth Huskies game?

Stadium Parking is free.
Be Advised:
The adjacent Stadium Storage charges for parking in their lot. The Duluth Huskies have no affiliation or arrangement with Stadium Storage for revenues generated from their operations. Wade Stadium free parking areas are located in the main lot, or behind the stadium using the 35th Ave W access to the rear of Right Field, or the Michigan St lot with access just off the freeway.  Additional public parking is available at the Wheeler athletic complex located across Grand Ave.

Where can I go for out-of-town accommodations?

See our Where to Stay page.

Is there ADA Accessible seating at Wade Stadium?
Of course, there is!
Handicapped Seating is located down both the first and third base lines just beyond both dugouts.
Any person needing this seating area is allowed one companion.

Where can I buy food and drink at Wade Stadium? Can I bring food to Wade Stadium?

Outside food is NOT ALLOWED at Wade Stadium.
Concession stands are conveniently located throughout the ballpark with
main concession stands located behind the Third Base grandstand entrance and Section D.
Other smaller stands serving different foods are located throughout the concourse.
The Kennel Klub Sports Deck is located down the first base line.

Is Wade Stadium allergen-free?

We are NOT an allergen-free facility. People with peanut allergies should be cautious, as peanuts are sold at the concession stands.

Where can I buy beer at Wade Stadium?

Beer can be purchased in our beer stands located across from the concession stands in the main concourse.
Beer is only on sale to those of legal age.
ALL fans wishing to purchase alcohol must receive a wristband at the Fan Services table
in the main concourse prior to being served. Beer sales end after the 7th inning.
The Duluth Huskies reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone.
A reminder that you MAY NOT bring beer or any other liquor or drinks into Wade Stadium.

Can I smoke at the ballpark?

Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere within Wade Municipal Stadium

Where are the restrooms located?

Men’s restrooms are located beneath Section A and Women’s restrooms are located beneath Section D.
Additional uni-sex facilities, with handicapped accessibility, are located beneath and adjacent to each concourse entrance to the Grandstand. Diaper changing stations are located in these washrooms.

Where can I get my Huskies souvenirs?

Merchandise is available for purchase in Harley’s Hut Souvenir Shop located in the main concourse
of Wade Stadium and online in our Online Store.

What if I am injured at Wade Stadium?

First aid is available at the Fan Services table located at the main stadium entrance of the ballpark.

Does Wade Stadium provide medical oxygen?

The Duluth Huskies DO NOT carry portable medical oxygen tanks or regulators for fans medical uses.

Is there a Lost and Found?

Lost items can be claimed at the Fan Services table if found.

Can I get autographs from Duluth Huskies players?

Of course! Half the fun of coming to the ballpark is interacting with future pro players on their way up to the Majors. Duluth Huskies players are very accessible and will sign autographs after each game down near the first base line picnic area. They are not; however, permitted to sign during the game.

Can I go crazy at Wade Stadium?

We love the support of the home crowd as much as anyone.
We encourage you to scream, yell, and cheer in support of the Huskies but behavior or
language that is offensive and affects others will not be tolerated.
The Duluth Huskies reserve the right to remove any individual or individuals who disrupt the ability of those around them from enjoying the game. Noise makers of any sort are not allowed.
Anyone not abiding by this policy will be dealt with accordingly.

Can I get a foul ball?

Fans are welcome to have any foul ball that leaves the field of play yet remains inside the stadium.
Foul balls that leave the stadium may not be retrieved.
Anyone caught scaling the fences, leaving the ballpark, or running inside the ballpark to retrieve a foul ball will be asked to leave and will not be readmitted.

What happens if a foul ball damages my car?

The Duluth Huskies are not responsible for foul balls that leave the stadium. The Duluth Huskies, City of Duluth, or the Northwoods League are not liable for any damage to vehicles parked in the Wade Stadium lot.

If I leave the stadium, will I be able to re-enter?

If fans wish to exit the stadium,  an usher will put a mark on the exiting fan’s hand. Only fans that have a mark or unripped ticket will be able to re-enter the gates

Is the a place I can sit in the stadium and be in the shade?

All seats in the grandstand and reserved area are under a covered awning that protects you from all aspects of the weather. The 3rd base side also receives more shade for later games due to the sunset. Earlier games are hard to judge the sun but we suggest under the awning.

Can I bring my pet to Wade Stadium?

Animals are not allowed at Wade Stadium unless the pet is a service animal with verifiable paperwork.

What about my kids?

A reminder that children are the responsibility of their parents or guardians and must obey stadium rules.
NO RUNNING is permitted in the stands or in any area of Wade Stadium. Running is only permitted by players on the field. 

Is there anything else I should know?

Bats and batted or thrown balls have a tendency to leave the playing area before and during the game.
Please pay attention to the action on the field at all times.
The Duluth Huskies, its players, officials, and agents, are not responsible for any injury or damage resulting from such activity.
The throwing of objects onto the field is prohibited.
Fans are prohibited from the field of play, before, during, and after the game unless escorted onto the field
by a Duluth Huskies representative.
Anyone in violation of these policies will be removed from Wade Stadium and is subject to prosecution.
All bags are subject to search at the entrance doors.