Become a Bat Boy/Girl

The Bat Boy/Girl is an integral part of the Huskies team! They ensure that all players’ on-field needs are met so everyone can play their best and give our fans a great show! As a Bat Boy/Girl you will get to meet and talk with the players and coaches; learn inside tips on what “pro ball’ is all about and see each and every play from on the field. Every game holds a unique experience for the Bat Boy/Girl! Therefore, they must have a positive attitude, be dependable, punctual, and alert throughout the entire duration of the game.

Basic Essentials

  • Must be 11-16 years of age
  • Must have a general understanding of baseball
  • Must be able to work entire game
  • Must arrive 1/2 hour before start time
  • Must wear proper attire

    • Baseball pants
    • Shoes

Huskies Supply

  • Jersey
  • Helmet
  • Hot dog and beverage after the game


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2024 Bat Boys/Bat Girls

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