4-Game Packs

Jackrabbits Players CelebratingJackrabbits Fireworks

• (1) Ticket to every Saturday Game!

• Meal voucher included for all four games

• The four best games of the season!

• Four fireworks shows—our most popular promotion

• All Saturday night games

• Guaranteed giveaway item

• Ticket exchange if you can’t make it to a game



Weekend games? How about four Saturday nights!

Fireworks? Yep, let’s have fireworks ALL FOUR nights!

Giveaways? Sure, at least two premium giveaway nights—and we’ll GUARANTEE you the giveaway no matter what time you show up!

Theme nights? Let’s have a popular theme for every game, like Star Wars and Heroes & Princesses.

And at four games, it’s manageable with your busy schedule.

There are more perks too, like our exclusive ticket exchange program if you can’t make it to a game.

Oh yeah, we forgot the best part. A 4-pack is just $55.

Order now, because we only have a limited number of these packages available. And they’re not going to last!



4-Pack Game Dates:
June 18
July 9
July 16
August 6

Limited availability: only a limited number of 4-packs will be sold, and when they’re all gone, you’re out of luck!

Easy payment options: pay at once, or spread out monthly payments until May 1

Affordable: just $55 per 4-pack



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For more information or questions, fill out the form below or contact Connor Carey at (765) 457-5000 or by email at connor@kokomojackrabbits.com


4-Game Packs

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