Jackrabbits co-ed kickball is back!

The popular kickball league is back for the fall and ready to kick into high gear! You choose which league you want to play in–Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday–and we take care of the rest. Sign up here now!

Some guidelines to remember:

Team Fee: $350 per team.

Choose your day of the week: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Games are between 6 PM and 9 PM on your chosen night. The number of teams per day is limited, so purchase your team quickly!

Team fee includes:
• Ownership of one team.
• Guaranteed 5 weeks of kickball or more!
• Game play at the award-winning Kokomo Municipal Stadium.

Rosters consist of a minimum of 7 players and a maximum of 10 on the field.
• Teams must field a minimum of 2 females.
• Teams must submit a roster of up to 15 players who can play during the season.
• Teams may kick as many players as they like from their roster, but all players must kick in order.

Kickball games are limited to 9 innings or a 50-minute time limit.

Metal cleats are prohibited. Any cleats must be molded, not metal.
• A penalty may be assessed to a Kickball team owner for damage caused by metal cleats.

Food and beverages are available for purchase, including beer pitchers. Peanuts, sunflower seeds, and gum are prohibited, however.