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Published On: August 15th, 2012

The Lakeshore Chinooks brought more than just great baseball to the towering bluffs of Lake Michigan. The Chinooks provided an affordable venue where friends could gather, families could build memories, and fans could dream.

This past season was filled with excitement, both on and off the field. The team’s performance continually improved from day one, and the fans’ own experiences and memories originating from Kapco Park brought them, their families and friends, back to Kapco Park again and again.

Kapco Park’s beauty cannot go unnoticed, and the fans have taken note of the effort and time it took for the Park to be constructed.

“The setting is outstanding, phenomenal, couldn’t be better. The park is state of the art. We love it,” said Lynn Winter, of Cedarburg, who has attended every home game (and a few away) with her husband.

The general consensus among fans is 10 out of 10 when asked about their overall experience with the Chinooks. Kevin Rudser and his son JD, of Port Washington, have enjoyed every minute of their time at Kapco Park. JD, an avid baseball player himself at age seven, said he’d rank his experience as 20 out of 10.

The effect the Chinooks have had on the surrounding area has not gone unnoticed. The Chinooks were up against tough odds, competing with the countless summer attractions that draw people to downtown Milwaukee.

“We loved coming so much… We only came here, Kapco Park,” said Winter when asked about her devotion to the team. “We have enjoyed every day and we have met some great people coming out every day; we are definitely hooked.”

The Chinooks have many valuable assets that make the experience at Kapco Park a memorable one. The most valuable assets are the players who come from all over the country to spend their summers among the fans and their families to play the game they love. It means something to the fans, especially the young ones, when a player is kind and generous enough to spend some time interacting with them. In many cases, it is just as exciting for the players, who are learning what it feels like to be adored by thousands.

“The people at Kapco Park couldn’t be friendlier. The willingness of the players to interact with the fans is unbelievable. It’s great for the kids to be able to watch the game so close and learn from the talent out on the field,” said Rudser.

Although the 2012 inaugural season has successfully come to a close, the Chinooks are already working on building a bigger and better experience for all you fans.

“We are already making plans for season tickets next summer,” said the Winter family.

The “hook” has been set. The Chinooks are here to stay.