Would you like to make a positive impact on the life of a collegiate student or athlete?
The Lakeshore Chinooks are seeking host families who will welcome players and interns into their homes for the season (late May – mid August).
The host family program is vital to the success of every team in the Northwoods League both on and off the field. Host families house, feed, and provide players and interns with a home away from home, ultimately making the Chinooks experience special and rewarding for all involved.
Here’s the pitch:
Provide a home and a bedroom for the player(s) or intern(s) during the season.
(Some players or interns may need transportation, but carpools can be arranged)
You will make a positive impact on the future of a young adult.
You just might be getting to know a future MLB star or executive!

If you’re interested in becoming a host family, please fill out the form below

Host Family Application

Host Family FAQs

1. Does the player or intern require their own bedroom?
Yes, Host Families offer the individual a spare room.

2. Will I have to provide meals for the player or intern?
You will be asked to provide meals while the team is in town. On game days, dinner will be provided by the Lakeshore Chinooks.

3. Will I have to provide transportation for the player or intern?
Some players and interns will have thier own car, but others may need a ride to the ballpark. The Lakeshore Chinooks Host Family Coordinator can assist in setting up carpools as well.

4. What kind of schedule will the player have?
The players will be very busy playing 72 games in 76 days. They often get home late at night and sleep in, so your schedules might not match. However, establishing guidelines with your player will help the summer go smoothly

5. What kind of schedule will the interns have?
The interns work all 36 home game days and occasionally some office hours on non-game days. When the team is on the road, interns are typically not scheduled to work.

6. Will I host the same player or intern all summer?
About half the Chinooks roster changes throughout the summer due to injuries, summer school, and fatigue. Players may go home and others may take their place. We are grateful for our host families’ flexibility as players come and go. Interns typically are around from the duration of the season. 

If you are interested in hosting a player or intern for the summer or have any questions about the Host Family Program, please call our office at 262-618-4659 or email us at info@lakeshorechinooks.com