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Published On: June 14th, 2013

The recent Major League Draft held this past weekend proved to be a watershed for the Lakeshore Chinooks as 10 players from last year’s team and three players from the 2013 team were selected.  Joe Greenfield is the one player that was selected both years, last year by the Boston Red Sox and this year by the Minnesota Twins.

The earliest pick was pitcher Josh Uhen who played last year for the Chinooks and plays his college ball at UWM.  Josh was selected in the fifth round by the Milwaukee Brewers.  Other Chinooks players that had local ties were Cody Yount, the nephew of Robin Yount, selected by the Chicago White Sox in the 37th round and Charlie Markson, who played at Whitefish Bay High School and went on to Notre Dame was drafted in the 38th round by the Brewers.

List of Chinooks Players Drafted


·         Josh Uhen                           152nd overall                    (5th Round)                        Milwaukee Brewers

·         Ty Young                            218th overall                     (7th Round)                        Tampa Bay Rays

·         Chris Cotton                      407th overall                     (14th Round)                     Houston Astros

·         Zack Granite                      410th overall                     (14th Round)                     Minnesota Twins

·         David Masters                  436th overall                     (14th Round)                     Washington Nationals

·         Andrew Waszak              673rd overall                     (22nd Round)                    Atlanta Braves

·         Jace Chancellor            838th overall                  (28th Round)                  San Diego Padres

·         Christian Ibarra           959th overall                  (32nd Round)                  Pittsburgh Pirates

·         Eric Aguilera                     1027th overall                   (34th Round)                     Los Angeles Angels

·         Joe Greenfield               1070th overall               (36th Round)                  Minnesota Twins

·         Cody Yount                        1113rd overall                  (37th Round)                     Chicago White Sox

·         Charlie Markson              1142nd overall                  (38th Round)                     Milwaukee Brewers

·         Keaton Steele                    1194th overall                   (40th Round)                     Kansas City Royals

Current Chinooks Jace Chancellor and Joe Greenfield were asked how it feels to be drafted by a Major League Baseball team. “Hard work got me to where I am today” stated Chancellor. “I wanted to get drafted by any team that wanted me.” As for Greenfield, “It was a dream come true, it happened last year and it happened again this year. I always dreamed about playing professional baseball and now the time has finally come.” Greenfield’s dream team to be drafted by was the Chicago White Sox’s but he was happy to be drafted by any professional team. Both players have had strong outings with the Chinooks and continue to prove why they deserved to be drafted.

The Chinooks continue to help open doors for college baseball players. The organization is excited to see players develop as many come through this program and evolve into stars. These players have left their mark on not only the Lakeshore Chinooks, but the Northwoods League as well, making the league one of the strongest in the country.