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Published On: August 13th, 2017


Mequon, WI- Late Saturday night after the Chinooks claimed a win from the Wisconsin Rapids Rafters, the Northwoods League confirmed that the Lakeshore Chinooks have locked up a playoff spot. The Chinooks have now made the playoffs for two consecutive years and four times in the six years the team has been in existence.

After some confusion on whether or not the Madison Mallards could still get a playoff berth, the team learned that they held a tiebreaker over the Ducks. The Chinooks and Mallards could end up with the same record today if the Chinooks lost and Madison won. The first tiebreaker is head to head record which is 4-4. The second tie breaker is best record against the first and second half South Division champions Wisconsin Rapids Rafters. Lakeshore has three wins against the Rafters while Madison has only two confirming the Chinooks playoff berth.

The number one seed for the South Division will be the Rafters. The Bombers locked up the number two seed. Rapids and Battle Creek will host home games Monday night. The Rivets, who also clinched a spot last night, and the Chinooks will start the playoffs on the road. Where they will be heading will be decided tonight. The two teams are currently tied with an overall record of 38-33. If both teams end the regular season tied, Rivets will receive the three seed since they have a 5-3 record against the Chinooks this season, which serves as the tie breaker. If that is the case, the Rivets would head to Battle Creek which the Chinooks would stay in Rapids to play the Rafters. If the Chinooks win tonight and Rivets lose, Lakeshore will head to Battle Creek and Rockford head to Wisconsin Rapids. If the Chinooks lose tonight, the Rivets receive the three seed. Both the Rivets and Chinooks kickoff their regular season finales at 4:05pm.

The first round of the playoffs is a one game playoff. Tuesday will be the South Division Championship in a one game playoff. The Northwoods League World Series will start Wednesday for a best of three series that would conclude Friday.

Keep checking back and the Chinooks social media platforms for updates throughout the day and playoffs.