Nooks on Chinooks: Jon Cain


Chinooks Manager of Baseball Operations reflects on his past 6 seasons with the organizations. From his favorite Chinooks player to his favorite promotion!

Favorite Chinooks Moment to Date (On or Off the Field)?
2014 Championship

Most Memorable Game?
Game 2 of the 2014 Divisional Series when Zack Bowers knocked in the winning run with bases loaded in the 10th inning to send the Chinooks to the NWL World Series

Best Play to Date?
Hunter Devall’s pickoff play in game 1 of the NWL World Series vs. Mankato

Overall MVP in the Past 6 Seasons?
Brett Siddall

Best Pitcher in the Past 6 Seasons?
Shaun Anderson

Favorite Player in the Past 6 Seasons?
Connor Jones

Most Likely to Make It to the MLB (If They Haven’t Yet)?
Mike Papi

Favorite of Hardest Working Intern in the Past 6 Seasons?
Teren Schuster

Favorite Game Day Promotion or Giveaway?

Favorite Bobblehead to Date?
Ryan Krill

If you could create a bobblehead of one person (Chinooks related) who would it be of?
Dean Rennicke

Favorite Between Inning Promotion?
Bubble Brawl

Name a promotion that you have been wanting to do at Kapco Park?
Food Trucks Competition

Favorite Concessions Item?
Salmon Sandwich

If you could add one menu item at Kapco Park, what would it be?
Funnel Cakes

Weirdest Moment at Kapco Park?
The first fog cancellation

If you could add one feature to Kapco Park, what would it be?
Picnic Pavilion

Coolest person you have met during your time at the Chinooks?
Lynn Dickey

If you had a concourse table for a game, what three people would you bring with you?
I would need to add a 4th to bring my entire family: Kara, Caleb, Corrianne, and Gideon