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Published On: July 17th, 2018

Madison, WI – The first game of the doubleheader on Tuesday afternoon was the continuation of the game last Friday that was postponed due to rain. Madison led 1-0 before the rain delay, and four days later, finished the game by winning 7-1 over the Chinooks.

Nate Odahl got the start for the Chinooks on Friday, and went back out to start the game on Tuesday as well. He had some control issues early on, walking in the first run of the game in the first inning, but settled into more of a groove for the next couple of innings. But with the score 2-1 Madison heading into the sixth, Odahl suddenly lost his touch.

Madison scored five times in the sixth, all against Odahl, and the lead extended to 7-1, effectively ending the Chinooks chance to take game one. The big inning has been an issue for the Chinooks pitching all summer and it bit them in the first game today.

However, the lack of an offensive attack hurt the Chinooks this afternoon as well. They were only able to put together one hit in the last seven innings, finishing with only three total in the game. Jack Dunn’s bunt singled was the only hit the Chinooks could muster in Tuesday’s portion of the game, resulting in the difficulties scoring.

Lakeshore was able to tack on their only run of the game on a delayed double steal attempt, which put the game at 2-1 after five innings.

Game two of the double header will be coming up shortly at 7:05 PM, with Jacob Lindemann getting the start for the Chinooks.