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Published On: June 27th, 2019

By Isaiah Butler

Mequon, WI- June 22nd was a special day at Kapco Park. The Chinooks and Kapco Park hosted Gill’s Walk-Off for Cancer. This walk supported those who have been affected or those that are currently being affected by cancer. Also, worth noting, Aurora Health Care Foundation was the designated charity of the event. Without the work of those in the medical profession, we would not know what we know today about cancer.

To see an event such as this really hits home for me. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, so to see an event like this really brings joy to my heart. It is great to see everyone here supporting those who are currently fighting cancer or those who have fought against cancer.

The walk around the campus of Concordia Wisconsin was completed by over 325 walkers.

This is the second time the Chinooks have hosted such an event. Last year, Aurora was looking for a venue to host the walk and the Chinooks graciously open the gates at Kapco Park for the walk. It was such a great experience for everyone last year, that the Chinooks decide to reach out to Aurora again to host the walk this year. A fellow volunteer, Mary, had this to say about what the walk means to the Mequon community and to those being affected by cancer, “It is a great thing for everyone and great for families to come together and show support for these affected by cancer.” She also mentioned that more volunteers are always welcomed to help out at more events around the area.

To go along with the walk, there was a yoga station set up on the field for those who wanted to stretch out or just learn some new yoga techniques that help combat the affects of the treatment they have been receiving.

For the Chinooks, this disease really hits home as well. Our PA announcer, Dan Pfeifer, has been affected by this horrendous disease. His wife was diagnosed with the disease. Like so many of us, Dan had a loved one stricken with this disease. Even though this the Chinooks second time doing a walk like this he had some great thoughts on what a walk like this can do for those going through this “journey.”

This is what Dan had to say about the Cancer walk, “It’s more than solving cancer, it’s more about helping people…It really is a mind, body, and soul type of event.” I think Dan got it exactly right. Everyone should be putting their best foot forward to help those who have been affected by cancer. Whether it be a walk like the Chinooks hosted or just a simple donation to cancer research. We can all do our part to help fight this ongoing battle against cancer.

Finally, with the walk, the Chinooks were also open to donations of those who were walking or those who wanted to help the research that goes into finding a cure. Along with a donation of $50, the Chinooks would giveaway a special Robin Yount cancer walk bobblehead. As a result of many generous donations, the Chinooks  were able to raise more than $23,000. One hundred percent of the donations were donated to Aurora Cancer Foundation for local cancer care and research.

This event helped so many people and showed support to those who have been affected by cancer. The Chinooks and Aurora are looking forward to next year in which they hope to help even more people and receive many other donations to help the ongoing fight against cancer.