Chinooks Ownership Group


The Lakeshore Chinooks has an impressive lineup of owners. This unique ownership group includes successful business executives, creative minds, and avid sports fans. These investors have a passion for our community and great summer baseball.


Jim Kacmarcik – Majority Owner
President, Kapco, Inc.

Carl Claerbout
Owner, Claerbout Consulting LLC

Dave Fischer

Jon Hammes
Chairman & CEO, Hammes Company

Bill Johnson
Chairman & CEO, Johnson Level & Tool

Bob Johnson
President, Johnson Level & Tool

Ted Kellner
Executive Chairman, Fiduciary Management, Inc.

Dan Laine
Senior Director, BWAY Corporation.

Tom Multerer
Corporate and Endowment Solutions

Andrew Petzold
President & CEO, Concord Development Company

Jeff Prochnow
Owner, The J Group

Scott Roeker
President, Straight-Up, Inc.

Bob Uecker
Announcer, Major League Baseball

Robin Yount
Hall of Famer, Major League Baseball


                Left to Right: Jim Kacmarcik, Bob Johnson, Bill Johnson, Tom Multerer, Scott Roeker, Andrew Petzold, Robin Yount, Jeff Prochnow

                             Not Pictured: Carl Claerbout, Dave Fischer, Jon Hammes, John Hammond, Ted Kellner, Dan Laine, Bob Uecker