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Published On: August 4th, 2017


The final road trip of the season started with a bang as the Thunder Bay Border Cats traveled to Lacrosse, WI. In the first inning alone the Cats scored six runs led by a grand slam off of the bat of Colton Thomas; thus, knocking the Loggers starting pitcher McMahon out of the game. However, the remainder of the game did not go as well… After the six run first inning the Loggers scored nine unanswered runs to take a 9-6 lead. They held this lead all the way into the eighth inning when the Cats tied the game on Dayne Sommer, Brendan Dougherty and Noah Strohl RBI’s. At this point, the momentum had clearly shifted and in the ninth inning, Brendan Dougherty contributed a two run single to give the Cats the 11-9 lead. From there DJ DePiero earned his first save and gave the Cats their third consecutive win.

The game did not look promising when the Loggers started scoring runs every inning and solid relief pitching from the Loggers Messina. However, led by Brendan Dougherty, Colton Thomas, Noah Strohl and company the Cats bounced back and showed tremendous poise to grab the victory. The Cats will once again take on the Loggers tomorrow night in Lacrosse before continuing on their final road trip. Make sure to follow along on Twitter @tbbordercats for up to the minute updates.

Photo Cred: James Mirabelli