Frequently Asked Questions

There are always a lot of questions when it comes to baseball. There are however a few that we hear more than the rest. Hopefully through this page all of your questions will be answered, if not feel free to give us a call!

Good old Thunder Bay weather… As far as the game goes we don’t make the final decision regarding if the game is cancelled or good to go. The umpires usually make the call ten minutes before the first pitch. We will always keep you updated via social media so if you are curious be sure to check Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates!

Those wild flex packs are one of our top sellers. This season we have changed the format of the Flex Pack. You will still get your ten tickets, however this season you will have ticket vouchers rather than a punch card. The ticket vouchers work like an open ticket, so you can go online or come into the office and exchange the ticket voucher for the seat of your choice!

Well… Welcome to the Port Arthur Stadium! Let’s answer your questions!

1.       What should you do?
Cheer for the Cats! Pick up the program from the best volunteers in the biz, pick your favourite player from the roster, cheer all night and go get his autograph before you head home to dream of baseball.

2.       What should you eat?
Hmmm. Tough question. If it was me I would head over to the 3rd Base side concession, order a pulled pork sandwich, a Pepsi and a bag of chips. But we all know after that you will see someone eating ice cream, so for dessert we can’t help but recommend something sweet from 1st base J

3.       What should you wear?
Here’s the thing about ballpark weather: It is hard to predict. If you are coming to an evening game it can get a little chilly around the 7th inning. We recommend that you wear some summer clothes but don’t forget your Cats hoodie!!! Or maybe even a parka… Kind of kidding. Kind of not.  Now if there is rain in the forecast, or no sign of it at all but you just know it’s going to show up you can always bring an umbrella or a rain jacket, especially if you intend on sitting in the sections not covered by the canopy.

Yes! Recently former Cat Wes Parsons made his debut with the Cubs! As of May 2nd 2019 there have been 213 former Northwoods League Players who have debuted in the MLB!

May 28th! We play at 7:05 pm against the Duluth Huskies! And we really hope you can make it!

You are welcome to park in the parking lot beside the arena or beside the stadium on the first base side. We don’t recommend parking in the lot directly in front of the box office because of those foul balls!!!

We request that you do not bring outside food items into the park. We have so many great options here at the stadium if you do get hungry (may we suggest a classic ballpark frank?)

Of course you can get any of your favourite players autographs! After the game head over to first base side with your ball, hat or jersey!

Yes! However, if the ball leaves the stadium we request that you do not run after it.

Yup. In our front office, just let someone know what you are searching for and we will do our best to help you find it.

Yes! However, if the ball leaves the stadium we request that you do not run after it.

Yes! Please let us know in advance, preferably a couple days before the game you wish to attend.