As you know, Bill 148 came into effect this year and that’s meant higher wages and higher costs from suppliers. We’ve been banging our heads trying to figure out how to keep all ticket prices at their normal rate (they’ve been the same since 2003!) and still provide a great fan experience, but it’s been decided that we need to nudge them up a sliver.

This will not be something that happens today, but it will begin on Saturday, June 2nd.

Tickets bought next week, up until Saturday, will still be the same as they have the past 15 years. So, if you want to grab a 10-pack or even a bunch of open tickets you can use throughout the season come on by to see us.

Current adult single game tickets are $10. They will be adjusted to $12.

Current senior/student prices are $8. They will get a bump to $10.

Children under 12 will remain the same at $5.

Border Cats 10-game flex packs are currently $85, and they will now be $95, beginning Saturday, June 2, 2018.

Season’s Tickets will remain at $250 for an adult and $225 for seniors/students next week, too.

We appreciate your understanding, as this was a tough decision to make, and we hope to see you out to as many Cats games as possible this summer.

The ticket stock has been tracked down and will be here Thursday and we will be printing non-stop Thursday night into the early hours of Friday, if necessary, until they are all printed and organized. We will update you on our extended box office hours Friday early next week.