COVID-19 Policy

Turtle Creek Stadium


  • Spectators are required to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms. If fans are experiencing symptoms or are running a fever above 100.4 degrees, Turtle Creek Stadium and The Pit Spitters ask they refrain from attending the event.


  • Protective face coverings are required at all times when inside Turtle Creek Stadium. This includes all interior areas, when walking to and from seats, in concessions lines, and while using restrooms. Face coverings may be removed when seated and eating or drinking.


  • Ticketed entry will be conducted via no-touch methods. Cashless transactions are encouraged for all concessions and souvenir purchases.


  • Social distancing reminders are posted throughout the stadium in form of signage and stickers. Fans in attendance are asked to adhere to these reminders and practice social distancing while visiting Turtle Creek Stadium.


  • Signage and stanchions are placed at stadium entrances to accommodate social distancing while entering and exiting the premises. An additional exit gate is located on the first base line.


  • The seating bowl ticketing is laid out to accommodate socially distant seating in individual cohorts of up to 6 people. Contact information for each cohort is requested to assist in contact tracing efforts. Select tables in the patio section and decks have been removed to allow for proper distancing. Fans are required to practice social distancing while in the lawn section or on the walking path. The suite level will be restricted to 25% capacity limits.


  • Fans are expected to practice good hygiene while withing Turtle Creek Stadium. This includes practicing sneeze etiquette, washing/sanitizing hands, and not touching eyes, nose, or mouth.


  • High traffic areas such as bathrooms are sanitized regularly throughout events. Hand sanitizer stations are available in frequently visited areas around the stadium. Fans are encouraged to utilize them as much as possible.


  • Restrooms at Turtle Creek Stadium are reduced in capacity to allow for social distancing. Please refrain from overcrowding restrooms as only half of fixtures are available for use. Signage with capacity limits are posted outside each public restroom.


  • The Pit Shop capacity is limited to 7 customers. Please use concourse door for entry, and main gate door for exit during events.


  • Upon exit of the stadium, fans in attendance are expected to practice social distancing. Additional points of egress can be found at the end of the concourse on the first base line behind section 111. Spectators shall adhere to all usher instructions when exiting the premises.


For our full and detailed COIVD-19 response plan please click here.



Naturally Occurring Diseases, including but not limited to the novel coronavirus or COVID-19, may exist in the community.  The Naturally Occurring Diseases create an inherent risk of transmission to attendees and staff.  Despite our efforts to mitigate risk by cleaning the Premises, warning and screening our fans and employees, and requesting the maintenance of “social distancing,” there remains an inherent risk of exposure to these Naturally Occurring Diseases.


By entering the Premises, patrons, on behalf of himself/herself and Minor(s), acknowledge and assume the risks and dangers associated with entering the Premises and being exposed to Naturally Occurring Diseases, including but not limited to contraction of COVID-19 and are deemed to have given a release of liability.