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Published On: June 23rd, 2016

Scholarship winners

Five Woodchuck Employees Awarded Macdonald Foundation Work Ethic Scholarships

Wausau, WIS- The Wisconsin Woodchucks send congratulations to five current employees who were among the twelve local college students to be awarded $1,000 Work Ethic Scholarships by the Macdonald Foundation this year. These five students have distinguished themselves by working their way through school while maintaining very high academic and citizenship standards.

The five Woodchuck employees awarded the scholarship are Amber Prell, Tarin Rayala, Hannah Tipple, Jenni Geurink, and Maya Jourdan.

Amber is a senior at UW-Eau Claire majoring in Psychology. Amber hopes to pursue a Masters Degree with an emphasis in counseling for children and teenagers with disabilities and disorders. Amber has worked three different job the past three summers to help pay for her education. This includes a position as waitress/bartender for the Woodchucks.

Tarin is a junior at UW-La Crosse majoring in Communication Studies. Tarin started with the Woodchucks in 2013 as an usher and has worked as a waitress/bartender the past three seasons.

Hannah Tipple is a sophomore at UW Madison majoring in Elementary Education.  She has worked the past two summers for the Woodchucks and Great Dane Pub & Brewery.  Hannah is also a DC Everest graduate.

Jenni Geurink is a UW Madison junior majoring in Political Science and Gender & Women Studies.  She has worked for the woodchucks for five years.  Jenni is also a DC Everest Graduate.

Maya Jourdan is a junior at UW-Eau Claire majoring in Public Relations.  She has worked for the Woodchucks for two years.  Maya is also a DC Everest graduate.