Front Office Feature: Traci Wisz


Traci Wisz is entering her fourth season with the Wisconsin Woodchucks. Get to know more about her below!


What is your role with the Woodchucks?

As the Assistant GM my primary role is overseeing everything related to Woodchucks tickets, from overseeing the ticket staff, running the ticket window during games, ordering ticket supplies, to selling group outings and single game tickets themselves.


What is a typical day in the office like?

I spend a lot of time on the talking to our fans, trying to get them excited to come to Woodchucks games with their families, coworkers, friends, themselves – everyone should try to come to at least one game a summer!


What is a game day like for you?

Long! (But a lot of fun). After reviewing the game before in the morning I work with the rest of the Front Office team to get ready for that night’s game by making any last minute phone calls to groups who will be attending that night, printing off tickets, organizing the will call tickets and working on future games. Once at the ballpark I get the ticket window and staff ready for that night’s game. Once the gates open I am available to assist any of our fans with any questions they may have. Being centrally located in the ticket window means you can almost always find me!


Most Memorable Woodchucks Game?

I want to say the NWL All-Star game that we hosted in 2017, but I’m not sure if that counts…


Favorite Bobblehead to Date?

The Ben Zobrist Championship Bobblehead


If you could create a bobblehead of one person who would it be of?

Pat Venditte – Bobblearms because that’d be fun and different.

Favorite Concessions Item?

Currently – our Ice Cream. Previously – the Philly Nachos.

If you could add one menu item at Athletic Park, what would it be?

Bring back the Philly nachos!


Favorite place to watch a baseball game (other than Athletic Park)?

Target Field! Go Twins!


Favorite former Woodchucks player?

Devin Skapura


Favorite part of working for the Woodchucks?

Getting to interact with so many awesome people, from our fans to the staff and players.


Favorite thing to do in Central WI (Other than attend a Woodchucks game?)

Hike Rib Mountain in the fall, Grab coffee with friends at Vino Latte or the Paisley Mug, Golf on any of our local courses.


Favorite baseball memory?

Either taking my godson to his first Twins game at Target Field, which was just fun to see how excited he was, or my first date with the person who is now my husband, which was also at Target Field (Atlanta Braves Vs. Twins in 2010, Braves won ☹ )