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Published On: May 21st, 2020

Hey ‘Chucks fans…we are bringing the party to you!



Join us on Saturday, May 30th at 6:35pm for a Virtual Opening Night presented by We will be live-streaming the party on our Facebook page and we need YOUR help to make it happen. Here are a few ways you can get involved in our livestream:


  1. Submit a video of you singing the national anthem.
  2. Submit a video of your cute kiddos saying “Play Ball!” as our Compass Insurance Play Ball Kid.
  3. Submit a video of your Tike on the Mic saying “Ladies and gentleman…here are YOUR WISCONSIN WOODCHUCKS!”
  4. Submit a video of your recreation of your favorite on-field promotion or your idea for an on-field promotion from your own backyard.
  5. Submit a video of you passing a baseball (catch it from the right and throw it to the left) to be featured in a “Pass the Ball” intro video.
  6. Sponsors – if you would like to have a commercial featured during the livestream, please send it our way as well!


Please submit all videos to by May 28th to be featured. We will stream those videos as well as have a watch party of one of our favorite all-time Woodchucks games!