Phase I: In May of 2014, the first Phase of Athletic Parks renovations was completed. During this phase, the Grandstand, Luxury suites, Pepsi Fan-Zone and Team Store were all built. While construction happened in Phase I, over 50 different local companies worked on or supplied materials to the project.







Phase II: The second phase of renovations for Athletic Park was completed in August of 2016, this phase saw the construction of the Ascension Health Terrace and new 3rd baseline Concourse.




Phase III: This phase saw the construction of the current bullpen seating, as well as the Woodchucks front office being moved from downtown Wausau to where it currently is right next to Athletic Park.







Phase IV: In 2020, Phase IV renovations began. These renovations resulted in the completion of two new concession stands, new covered seating along the first baseline, and an improved visiting team dugout.