Don’t worry, we’re not ditching baseball! We’re just jumping on the March Madness basketball bandwagon for a few weeks.

Why should you enter?

1st Place: Home Plate Club Table (1 Table/4 Tickets) and Throw out a First Pitch

2nd Place: Point Craft River Tickets (4 Tickets)

3rd Place: Reserved Bleacher Tickets (4 Tickets)

Here’s how you can enter to win:

  1. Fill out a March Madness Bracket – AVAILABLE HERE!
  2. Choose teams you want to advance each round. Pick teams by their ranking, talented players, school colors, mascot, or whatever think will win you the 1st place prize!
  3. Enter a guess for the Championship’s final score! This will be the tie breaker. (ex: 84-76)
  4. ALL BRACKETS MUST HAVE YOUR NAME and PHONE NUMBER! Otherwise we can’t contact you if you win ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Email to or mail/drop off at the Rafters Front Office at 521 Lincoln Street (in the Rafthouse off of 6th and Apple)

We do have a few rules:

  1. Must be 18+ years old UNLESS entering with an adult/guardian. If entering with an adult/guardian, please enter brackets together or write in parent/guardian’s name
  2. ONE entry per person
  3. All brackets must be turned in by MARCH 19TH

Brackets will be ranked using a point system.

Points will increase for each team you have advancing to the next round.

We will post the Top 5 brackets at 10:00am every morning on our website, Facebook, and Twitter. (If you don’t feel comfortable with us using your first name and last initial please write in an appropriate code name!)

May the best guesser win!