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Published On: March 17th, 2021

City of Battle Creek bans fireworks for the Bombers

Ban in place despite recent study finds no contamination 


BATTLE CREEK, MI – The Bombers were recently notified that the city of Battle Creek is banning fireworks displays at C.O. Brown Stadium indefinitely.  City representatives cited a study of perchlorates found in the groundwater in Evart, MI as the reasoning for this change.

At the same time, the city of Battle Creek also provided the team with documentation of 4 Verona wells that were tested this past year in May of 2020. Those tests concluded with no perchlorates being found. Despite these test results, the city has decided that fireworks shows will not be able to be hosted by the team.

Since 2007, the Bombers have hosted numerous fireworks displays every year the team has played at C.O. Brown Stadium. Over those 14 years, the Bombers have had zero incidents regarding their fireworks shows including; no injuries, fires, water contamination or soil contamination.

The team’s fireworks display company, Wolverine Fireworks, hosts shows across the country with over 350 displays and has been the team’s fireworks provider for the past 5 seasons. The team’s fireworks displays use smaller fireworks shells that limit the scope of the show to fans in attendance in the stadium.

Fireworks shows are easily the highest attended games for the team and the most requested by season ticket holders, group outings and Advia 5-game plan holders.  Fireworks displays are a fan favorite across the country for teams providing family entertainment.

Fireworks displays have been held every summer at C.O. Brown stadium dating back to 1995 when the Michigan Battle Cats moved to Battle Creek.  


The city of Battle Creek also informed the team that there were no plans of a similar policy/stance in regards to other fireworks displays planned in the Battle Creek area.

Bombers Managing Partner, Brian Colopy said in a team statement:

“We absolutely understand the importance of safety for our fans and the community that we serve. We have proven to host safe fireworks displays for 14 years. This change in policy is sad for our fans that come to expect these shows every summer.”

“Even with this, we are laser focused on providing an amazing summer for Battle Creek in a year when our community needs it more than ever.  We are working behind the scenes with local partners and staff to build a brand new promotional schedule to highlight our 15th season in Battle Creek. We expect to announce more details in the coming weeks.”

The Bombers kick off their 15th season presented by Marshall Community Credit Union on May 31st when the team hosts the Kalamazoo Growlers.