Palmen Sports & Nutrition & Kingfish Announce Partnership



Palmen Sports & Nutrition & Kingfish Announce Partnership

Kenosha, WI (March 10, 2016) – Formed through local networking opportunities, Palmen Sports & Nutrition moves forward in their partnership with Kenosha Kingfish Baseball.  “Athletic Republic has been training athletes of all levels, including personal training for adults, since 2008. We’re excited to now be training the Kingfish players and staff,” said Jon Palmen, President of Palmen Sports & Nutrition, powered by Athletic Republic Kenosha.

Starting immediately, Palmen Sports & Nutrition will become the official training center of the Kingfish players. Their TEST-TEACH-TRAIN philosophy and scientifically based sports performance training protocols will give the Kenosha Kingfish athletes a competitive advantage by improving their speed, power and agility.  

Jon Palmen stated, “Two big players in local Kenosha sports who have proven themselves as champions are coming together to benefit athletes, coaches and parents.” This partnership will be a great exposure and training opportunity for both parties.  

Palmen Sports & Nutrition powered by Athletic Republic Kenosha is the culmination of over 20 years of research and relentlessness , where thousands of athletes have benefited from performance sports training programs for a competitive advantage.

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