Community Spotlight — Festival Foods!

Festival Foods is a friend to both the Kenosha Kingfish and their surrounding communities.

Fans all around Kenosha come to Historic Simmons Field for the Festival Foods Backyard, but not just because they are great seats for the game.  Festival Foods holds a special place in people’s hearts, and just like everyone this past year they have gone through a lot.  There were food supply shortages, transportation and delivery challenges, and accommodations that needed to be made to comply with mandates and restrictions.  However, despite all of that they were able adapt quickly and serve both their guests and employees.  Samantha Petersen, Community Involvement Specialist, says “We truly feel grateful for the many associates, vendor partners, warehouse workers, and truck drivers that helped to keep things running smoothly so that we could serve our community during this time of need and unknowns.”

Even through all the adversity, Festival Foods still managed to help their employees as well as their communities.  They initiated increased pay for store associates in addition to increasing store discount cards during the height of the pandemic.  There were also able to donate $200,000 to United Ways throughout the state of Wisconsin to be used for emergency COVID-19 needs.  Donations to local food pantries were increased and they began donating to emergency requests that came in all over the state as well.

The times are clearly still uncertain and while we may not know what is around the corner we know that Festival Foods will be there to look out for the safety and well-being of their guests.  They currently offer their Click N’ Go online service for those who want contactless grocery pickup, plexiglass barriers at every register, rigorous cleaning procedures and social distancing throughout the store.  Petersen states, “Our associates and our shoppers are like family to us and we hope to continue rallying together as we move forward.”