2018 Historic Simmons Field Parking Plan


1.      Primary parking areas for Kingfish fans:

·         The Simmons Field parking lot off of Sheridan Rd. accommodates 45 parking spots, 14 of them are handicapped spots.

·         The Simmons Field outfield lot (accessible from 79th St.) accommodates 195 parking spots.

2.      Secondary parking alternatives for Kingfish fans:

·         The Kenosha Achievement Center has 141 parking spots available after 5 pm.

·         Sheridan Lanes Bowling Alley can accommodate 180 spots.

·         Power Realtors has 37 spots.

·         Simmons Park Plaza will have 71 spots available for fans, the rest will be reserved by Kingfish staff for businesses in the Plaza.

·         KAFASI will have 8 spots.

·         Collision Tech will have 20 spots.

3.      Kingfish fans may not park in any of the following business lots:

·         Tommy’s Home Run Restaurant

·         Shirl’s Drive-In

·         Dave’s American Muffler

·         Walgreens

·         Twisted Cuisine

4.      The Kingfish will provide parking staff, some of them outfitted in Elvis costumes, to provide assistance to fans in attendance on a nightly basis. These parking attendants will work closely with local businesses to ensure the right spots are protected during each game and also answer any questions fans may have. All parking staff will have radios to communicate with each other and front office.

5.      Signage will be provided for all Kingfish games and will be set up no later than 90 minutes prior to first pitch.


6.      Signage will be positioned as follows:

·         Sheridan Rd. at 76th St.  (right hand side driving South)

·         Sheridan Rd. at Simmons Park Plaza parking lot at 2 entrances

·         Sheridan Rd. across the street from Simmons Field (driving South)

·         Sheridan Rd. at 79th St. (driving North and South)

·         Sheridan Rd. at 80th St. (driving North)

·         Restricted parking signage at Tommy’s Home Run and Shirls Drive-In.


7.      Kenosha Area Transit has a stop near the Simmons Field entrance to the ballpark.

Questions?  Please call the Kingfish Office at (262) 653-0900 or email