Nooks on Chinooks: Eric Snodgrass


Chinooks Assistant General Manager, Eric Snodgrass, has been with the organization since the team launched in November 2011 and has seen it all at Kapco Park over the past 6 seasons:

Favorite Chinooks Moment to Date (On or Off the Field)?
On-Field Celebration for the NWL Championship in 2014

Most Memorable Game?
NWL Division Series Game 3 vs. Madison Mallards

Best Play to Date?
Charlie Markson in 2012 sprinting full speed into the visitor’s team bullpen fence, making the catch, and flipping over the fence while hanging onto the ball. Sadly, we don’t have it on film…

Overall MVP in the Past 6 Seasons?
Rylan Thomas

Best Pitcher in the Past 6 Seasons?
Marshall Kasowski

Favorite Player in the Past 6 Seasons?
Sawyer Polen

Most Likely to Make It to the MLB (If They Haven’t Yet)?
Matthew Mika

Favorite of Hardest Working Intern in the Past 6 Seasons?
Max Greiman

Favorite Game Day Promotion or Giveaway?
Pro Wrestling Night and the 2014 Championship Ring Giveaway

Favorite Bobblehead to Date?
Championship Gill

If you could create a bobblehead of one person (Chinooks related) who would it be of?
Dean Rennicke (Albuquerque Dukes Uniform)

Favorite Between Inning Promotion?
Catch of the Day

Name a promotion that you have been wanting to do at Kapco Park?
Murder Mystery Night

Favorite Concessions Item?
Create Your Own Pizza

If you could add one menu item at Kapco Park, what would it be?
Taco Kiosk

Weirdest Moment at Kapco Park?
Post-Game Streaker (thankfully it hasn’t happened since)

If you could add one feature to Kapco Park, what would it be?
Pre-Game Picnic Pavilion

Coolest person you have met during your time at the Chinooks?
Bud Selig, Robin Yount, and all the Pro Wrestlers

If you had a concourse table for a game, what three people would you bring with you?
Hamilton “Ham” Porter, Henry Rowengartner, Roy Hobbs