Published On: April 6th, 2009

Madison, WI – April 6, 2009 –Mallards fans, your time has come! Starting today and extending through mid-May, we will announce a different promotion each day at random that we have planned for your enjoyment this season. We begin with what is believed to be the first ever “Evolution* Bobblehead Doll Night” that will take place on Thursday, June 11, presented by West Bend Insurance, ( The doll (pictured) will actually be a three-piece bobblehead that will depict the Mallards staff scientist’s recent discovery of the Evolutionary* events that led to the creation of team mascot Maynard G. Mallard. The first 1,000 fans will receive this exciting giveaway as soon as gates open at 5:30 p.m.! Also don’t forget that single game tickets go on sale Saturday, May 2.

The depiction of the Evolution* of Maynard will be on one platform featuring a sequence running left to right starting with a Rubber Duck, which is known to be the earliest form that Maynard’s predecessors took. The next inexplicable form taken in the Evolution* of Maynard shown will be the “Neanderduck,” a strange combination of Neanderthal man & a rubber duck, complete with loin cloth, Mallards Stone Age uniform, and, of course, a club in one hand. The final, highly evolved, figure will be that of the modern day Maynard G. Mallard in his full glory wearing a Mallards uniform getting ready for flight.

“The entire Mallards team has always wondered where Maynard came from. We’re excited that our team of scientists have finally been able to answer these difficult questions about the origin of Maynard. What better way to celebrate this event than with a unique bobblehead night at the Duck Pond in 2009, the 200th Anniversary of Charles Darwin’s Birthday,” said Mallards General Manager Vern Stenman.

*The Madison Mallards, West Bend Insurance, their subsidiaries, or employees by no means endorse the theory of evolution*, the origin of species, creationism, any political or religious affiliations or anything else that may offend ANYONE! The only endorsement made by the Mallards & their sponsors is that of summer time affordable family entertainment!

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