Parking Rules, availability and Regulations.

The main parking lot at Warner Park is open all day long prior to a game. There is no fee to park in the lot and tailgating is allowed. Glass bottles are not allowed and the City of Madison and the Madison Mallards ask you to please leave the parking lot looking as clean as when you arrived. Trash cans are located throughout the lot and there are several receptacles specifically for hot coals from the BBQ.

Bike to the Duck Pond and the Mallards will take care of your bike! Secure bike parking is located right near the front gate in our Bike Blind. Here’s some details about parking your bike in the Bike Blind!

1.  All bikers must provide their own bike lock.
2.  Bike washing & tire filling are available during every Mallards game for FREE.
3.  To receive service take one of the bike tag cards in the mailbox & write on it which of the services you would like.
4.  Wrap that tag around your handle-bars & enjoy the game.
5.  Staff will only fill tires to the recommended PSI indicated on the tires of your bike.
6.  Count on a minimum of two hours for staff to complete these services.


Highlighted areas generally show where parking is available for Mallards games. This may change on a nightly basis based on several factors.

parking map 2015





map 2920 2

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