From the Northwoods League’s inception in 1994, generous families and individuals have warmly offered their homes and provided welcoming food and lodging for student-athletes traveling from the far and wide.This has created an immediate “booster club” and a dedicated fan base within each Northwoods League community.

The Mallards are looking for generous, qualified families and individuals to get involved and serve as host families for our student-athletes in 2019.

Numerous lifetime relationships have been forged between NWL players and their Host Families over the years and we expect more to develop in each future season. Graduations, weddings and holidays have all been shared by host family members and NWL players. Children of host families have been fortunate enough to receive baseball tutelage and view NWL players as role models not available to most youth. Becoming a host family is a commitment, but it’s also one of the best opportunities and experiences we can offer for both our student-athletes and community members!

Benefits of Being a Mallards Host Family:

  • Each member of your immediate family will receive FREE season tickets
  • 10 Field Box Seats for friends and neighbors
  • One Great Dane Duck Blind Ticket for each member of your immediate family
  • 25% off all merchandise from the Team Store
  • 10 hot dogs, and 10 sodas
  • Guaranteed Giveaways
  • Host Family Lanyards
  • Passes for the entire family to any away Northwoods League game
  • Host Family Appreciation Night at end of season
  • The player will be a positive role model for your children
  • You will be more involved with the community
  • You will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the future of a young man
  • You might be getting to know a future Major League Baseball star


If you are interested in applying to become a Mallards host family, please fill out the form below.

Host Family Application Form