But who will it be?

We have enough popstars and rockstars but what we really need is the next Tot Star. The Hot Tots are gearing up for their 2023 season and they need a mascot as tot tough as they are, but the real question is… what will its name be?

Fans and Spec-Taters have submitted their names for who they think will be the next Tot Star, and after over 250+ name submissions, we are down to our final 4. Check out the top four names for the Hot Tots future mascot, get to know them, and then head to KMOT to place your official vote!


Call him “Tate” or “Tater” but either way you dice it, he’s the classic All-American Boy.

He’s the stereotypical golden boy and gives off golden retriever energy. He’s the classic jock type that is also friends with everyone and has a hidden talent for performing, but is also an absolute spud on the field.

Audition Song: Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash played on his own guitar of course


There is no bigger class clown than Chris P.

He is fun, silly, goofy, and has to be the center of attention. He loves a crowd and loves to entertain and most importantly never takes himself too seriously. Think of him as the ultimate little brother.

Audition Song: Hot In Herre – Nelly… he didn’t sing it, he played it on the kazoo.

Cassie Rolle

Ever since she was born, Cassie Rolle knew she was a star.

She’s the next pop princess. Move over Ariana because Cassie is a true performer. No performance is too theatrical, because she does it all for her fans. She may be a diva sometimes, but she knows it and owns it.

Audition Song: This Girl Is On Fire – Alicia Keys and she belted during the entire song


Blaze is a wild child and he truly can’t be tamed.

His energy and amp are always turned up to 11. He’s a true rockstar and just lives for a good time and creates an unforgettable experience for his fans

Audition Song: Hot Blooded – Foreigner, with an intense guitar solo that absolutely wailed.

Who will be The Next Tot Star?

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Voting on Top Names April 12-21

Mascot Reveal April 26 – Tune into the news on KMOT that night for the big reveal

Mascot World Tour April 27 – May 12 (stay tuned for locations)