Front Office Feature: Mark Macdonald


Mark Macdonald is entering his seventh season as the owner of the Wisconsin Woodchucks. Get to know more about him below!


What is your role with the Woodchucks? 



What is a typical day in the office like? 

I spend most of the day pretending to do Woodchuck work, but I’m actually following the markets.


What is a game day like for you? 

Long.  Starts around 6am, because I need to check on the markets.  At the game, I have two roles.  First I’m the team ambassador greeting fans and saying hello to all the sponsors and group outing leaders.  Second, I’m a fill-in where needed for game day staff.  I can do everything from take tickets to pour beer.  My staff, though, has little faith in my skills and works very hard to keep me from filling any position that is actually important.

On games days, I commonly get in 25,000 steps (12 miles), but have got up to 35,000 (17 miles) on opening night.  I have lost up to 20 pounds in a summer.

Most Memorable Woodchucks Game?

Final game of the 2012 season.  The team was down 10 runs to the Madison Mallards, but rallied to tie the game and win in extra innings.  The win set the team record for wins in a season.

Favorite Bobblehead to Date?

The Obama/Romney series from the Presidential election in 2012.  I wish we had done a Trump/Clinton series.

If you could create a bobblehead of one person who would it be of?

Donald Trump.  We could make his hair bobble.

Favorite Concessions Item?

Brat.  I’m a traditionalist.

If you could add one menu item at Athletic Park, what would it be?

I would bring back the root beer float.  The fans loved them, but they were tough to make.

Favorite place to watch a baseball game?

Second floor concourse.  I can generally hide up there from the sun.


 Favorite former Woodchucks player?  Paul DeJong.  He was just a great person.


Favorite part of working for the Woodchucks? 

The fans.  I just enjoy people.  I also enjoy giving all the young kids (players, coaches, umpires, concession workers and interns) an opportunity to get experience and get a better job down the road.


Favorite thing to do in Central WI (Other than attend a Woodchucks game)? 

The lake.  Pontoon and jet ski.


Favorite baseball memory? 

1988 LA Dodgers World Series victory.  It wasn’t a very talented team, but they played with a lot of heart and the victory was so sweet.