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Published On: December 22nd, 2014

Voting is now open for our Pay It Forward Contest!

We've had the impossible job of narrowing it down to four really great finalists.  There were so many deserving nominations – so this was no easy task!  Voting will end tomorrow afternoon, December 23rd.  Winner will be notified just in time for Christmas!

Without further ado, here are your finalists.

1. Avery & Kirsten Kushion – Nominated by Parent

In 2010 at age 4, Avery Kushion was diagnosed with a wilms tumor. (Kidney Cancer) After finishing Chemotherapy and Radiation in October, Avery wanted to give back to the hospital that was so kind to him. He wanted to give the kids in the hospital at Christmas time something to smile about. So he gather some money and with his sisters help the bought enough toys to fill a wagon. In 2011 they raised enough money to buy 3 wagons and enough toys to fill them. They toys were given to the Kids and the Wagons were given to the hospital. In 2012 they raised enough money to fill 2 cars. 2013 grew so much that they need us to rent a van that they filled to the top and also filled moms car. 2014 is shaping up to be the best year yet? they have over 1000 toys to donate. They have secured a Cargo trailer that will be filled to the top! These two children who are 9 years old have been paying it forward for the last 4 years. When I asked them how long they plan on doing the toy drive they said that they want to have their kids take it over some day. They are paying it forward in a big way!


2. Russ Byers – nominated by Wife

We will soon celebrate our 44th anniversary. Russ has always been there for me and our family. In 1998 I had three brain anuryum and spent 13 day in Ann Arbor in the hospital. He was by my side 24/27. This last year and a half he really proved just how much compassion he has. My little sister was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer she asked us to go to all her appointments, chemo sessions, and radiation treatments. He told her he would be there. On many occasions he would hold her hand, pat her back, help her out of the car as she was sick from some treatment and hold her the whole time. He was remarkable with her. She lost her battle with cancer in June but a couple months before she passed she told her daughter that Russ was her hero. He has always been my hero but to she all he did for a sister in law just proves how special he is.


3. Sara Herpin – nominated by Friend

She is a selfless, wonderful person. A single mother of 3 boys who have been raised in baseball and wrestling, she also lost her best friend(mother) to cancer earlier this year. I would love for someone to put a smile on her face again, she never asks for anything, yet she makes miracles happen.


4. Spencer Outman – nominated by Wife

My husband really needs a night out. He is my hero in more ways then you can imagine. He is a Desert Storm Marine Veteran, a Daddy, a Husband, and my Kidney Donor. Yes, he's done the one thing that not too many people would or could do. He donated one of his Kidney's to me on March 22, 2011. He is an amazing man. He works almost 7 days a week every week, he is tired, and really could just use a night out