Published On: May 20th, 2014

(Duluth, MN) — With the passage of the 2014 bonding bill, the city of Duluth received funding for three legislative priorities that were originally not included and Wade Stadium was among the beneficiaries.

"This is a very good bill for the City of Duluth," said Mayor Don Ness. "Restoring Wade Stadium will ensure the iconic ball field will continue to be enjoyed by players and fans for decades to come."

Wade Stadium, which has been one of the City’s legislative priorities for the past six years, received $2.3 million dollars for needed repairs including field resurfacing and reconstruction of the stadium’s crumbling brick walls. While the amount is short of the original request of $5.7 million, this first phase will allow the improvements necessary in the short term, with the option to request additional funding for second phase improvements in the future to further enhance fan experience. The upgrades will also allow the St. Scholastica Saints, Denfeld Hunters, as well as other user groups to continue playing in the historic Wade Stadium for years to come.  

"We are excited to finally to know that we will have a playing surface that is among the finest north of the Twin Cities Metropolitan area and will serve teams from the entire region," Said Craig Smith, Duluth Huskies General Manager. "The synthetic turf will reduce the number of rain delays and postponements which will benefit fans and players alike."

"Thanks to the City Administration and our entire Legislative delegation for working to make sure Wade Stadium received funding." Smith added. 

"The new playing surface will supply true hops and eliminate the safety concerns that we have with our current playing surface. It will also allow the players to play with more confidence and better display their abilities. On top of that, it is a great recruiting tool; we will continue to have the same great players we have had year in and year out," said Field Manager Daniel Hersey.

While the bill was passed prior to the 2014 season, construction will not begin until the completion of this season. The renovation is set to be complete in time for the St. Scholastica Saints to play their home games in the spring of 2015. 





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