Huskies earn 7th straight with win over Rox

The Duluth Huskies (10-4) shutout the St. Cloud Rox 5-0 extending their winning streak to 7 in a game that took just over 2 hours to complete.

Toby Anderson (Minnesota) pitched 7 shutout innings allowing just 4 hits and recording 3 strikeouts. Landon Smith finished it off by pitching 2 scoreless innings allowing just 1 hit and 1 strikeout. The biggest inning of the game came in the 6th when the Huskies put up 4 runs. First baseman Alex Wojciechowski highlighted the inning and the game with a 3-run double to put the game away. Wojciechowski later scored in the inning on an unearned run to cap off the inning.

The St. Cloud Rox did not put up much offense totaling just 5 hits with first baseman Michael Strem being the only Rox player to have more than 1 hit. Toby Anderson got his first win of the season for the Huskies with Andrew Skyes recording his first loss of the season for St. Cloud.

The Huskies conclude their series with the Rox Wednesday night at Wade Stadium.