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Published On: August 1st, 2017

The Huskies traveled southwest Monday afternoon to take on the Rochester Honkers for a two-game series before returning home. Starting with two outs seemed to be the theme of this Monday night game. In the top of the first with two outs, Chase Strumpf (UCLA) put the crew in blue ahead 1-0 with a solo homerun. From there the hits were consistent, Huskies added another run from the bat of Jake Smith (St. Thomas) in the top of the second and a couple combined hits in the third gave this team a 5-0 lead.

The Honkers however took advantage of their condensed Mayo field and Northwoods league homerun leader Zach Zubia (Texas) cut the Huskies lead by two putting the score at 5-2 through 4 innings of play. Pitching was on point for the Huskies this evening, four arms threw for the Huskies holding the home town Honkers to only three runs and striking out five. Ryan Cunningham (UMD) went three and a third innings, striking out two, Ricky Mitchell (Morningside College) picked up the win and threw four innings, only allowing one run, Victor Santana (Waubonsee CC) shut the door in the bottom of the eighth, and Joe Gonrowski (St. Scholastica) came in to finish off the ninth and pick up his third save of the year.

The Huskies took game one in a long fashion, final duration time three hours and fifty-two minutes. They are back in action tomorrow night same time, same location. First pitch scheduled for 7:05.