Mallards Searching for One Lucky Duck

Maynard G. Mallard Tryouts Sunday
Do you like dancing in front of the mirror? Do you have an affinity for large furry suits? Do you enjoy making a fool out of yourself in front of thousands of people and having no one know who you are? If you answered yes to these questions you may be the perfect candidate to be the next Maynard G. Mallard. Tryouts will be held Sunday, May, 18 at 4 p.m. at the Duck Pond at Warner Park.

Area celebrity mascots will be judging candidates in three different talent areas. Think Miss America, but in an oversized duck suit. Contestants will have a chance to choreograph their own dance steps, in addition to showing off their goods dancing the Macarena and YMCA. After the dance portion of the competition, contestants will have to creatively answer questions acting or quacking out a reply. The final segment of the competition will be the talent part of the contest with candidates displaying one unique skill.

Members of International Mascot Union Local Chapter 101 are preferred. All ages are welcome. If you are allergic to furry suits please do not apply. Salary is negotiable.