The Duck Pond it is a changin.

THE DUCK POND ? As the leaves fall around the Midwest, the light poles have come down at Warner Park.

Erected in the early sixties, the light poles have stood for more than forty years and have seen the passing of three baseball franchises, a semi-pro football team, numerous high school games, and countless rec league tilts. In fact, the lights pre-date the grandstands that were built for the Madison Muskies back in 1982. The poles obstructed views, blocked traffic, and were starting to become weakened in the middle.

So, new for 2004 will be brand new light poles provided by the City of Madison. Also, the city is building a brand new state-of-the-art concession stand expected to be completed before Opening Day 2004. The improvements to the park continue a growing partnership that the Mallards have with the City of Madison.

?Our goal is to make Warner Park a great place to come for everyone,? explains Mallards General Manager Vern Stenman. ?Jim Morgan (the city?s Director of Parks) and Dave Cieslewicz have been great for us.?

The improvements by the City of Madison to the Duck Pond are just the start of what are continuing renovations to the ballpark by the Mallards organization. Check the web site often to find out what else we have in store for 2004.