Published On: September 15th, 2009


*Registration for the 2009 First-Ever Ducktoberfest “Dachshund Races” has ended. Good luck to those who entered.

Saturday’s Heats will go as follows: (one winner from each heat will advance to the final championship heat)

Lightweight Division (dog’s name / owner’s name)
Henne (Derrick Withers)
Trixie (Theresa Hartin)
Henrietta (Sharon Schwartz)
Rudy (Mark Friedel)
Pipsqueak (Mona Everett)

Zami (Ben Lownik)

Middle-Lightweight Division
Snuggles (Mona Everett)
Wally (Diane Dzikowski)
Bessy (Aleta Halvorson)
Lola (Julie Eckstein)
Ruby (Tim Conroy)

Middle Division
Dottie (Theresa Koene)
Alfalfa (Mona Everett)
Tyler (Evon Brogdon)
Alfie (Jennifer Howe)
Frankie (Mark Friedel)

Middle-Heavyweight Division
Scooter (Kathi Foerst)
Daphne (Mark Braithwaite)
Macy (Emily Palasini)
Kaspar (Natalie Betz)
Macsen (Mona Everett)

Heavyweight Division
Buddy (Caleb Meinke) * Reigning Champion from Animart race in September
Wesley (Lindy Meek)
Frank (Brian Campbell)
Alize (Michele Withers)
Kirby (Diane Dzikowski)

Madison, WI – September 15, 2009. The word “wiener” will take on a whole new meaning on Saturday, October 3, as the Madison Mallards have announced the season’s last special event, a German-themed celebration aptly named “Ducktoberfest” at the “Duck Pond,” will include Dachshund Races presented by Animart, beginning at 3:30 p.m.

Normally, whenever “wiener” is exclaimed at the ballpark, it’s from the mouth of PA announcer Aaron Sims and takes place whenever a foul ball is hit by a batter. Those lucky enough to grasp the ball can then exchange it for a free “wiener” at the main concession stand.

The Dachshund races will have five heats according to the dogs’ ages:

Heat #1: Puppies to 1-year olds
Heat #2: 2 to 3-year olds
Heat #3: 4 to 5-year olds
Heat #4: 6 to 8-year olds
Heat #5: 9 and up
(heats are subject to change, depending on ages of registered entrants)

Each race will be 90′ (the distance from 1st to 2nd base) with all five winners facing off in a final championship heat to name an overall “top dog.”

Animart will award prizes as follows:
First Place = $75 gift card
Second Place = $50 gift card
Third Place = $25 gift card

Those interested in registering a Dachshund will receive 4 complimentary tickets to the event.

The first-ever “Ducktoberfest” celebration will run from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and will include a host of fun activities for people of all ages, including:

–Live music by the Gomers, Mama Digdown’s Brass Band & polka by Greg Anderson!
–Tapping of the Keg–
–Dachshund Races–
–Roaming Accordion Players–
–Horseshoe Tournament–
–Arts & Crafts–
–Tents with Octoberfest-style tables–
–Axe throwing display–
–Carnival-style activities to keep the kids occupied for hours!–

–Hay rides with all proceeds going to Madison Parks (only $2 per rider!)–

Food menu will include:
–Spanferkel (German-style Pig Roast)–
–Spaetzle (a classic German dish)–
–Assortment of German sausages–
–Stoddard’s brats–

Advanced tickets for the event are only $5 can be purchased one of three ways:
1) Online by clicking HERE
2) Over the phone by calling 608.246.4277
3) In-person at Warner Park, aka the “Duck Pond,” Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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