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Published On: December 1st, 2016


Here at the Mallards we asked ourselves the daunting question, “How do we make America’s favorite pastime better?” Because after all, it’s already the “favorite.” Well, we think we found the answer: food. America’s other favorite pastime. That’s why our 7-Game Packs include all-you-can-eat-and- drink. One hour prior to each game, you’ll get to feast on unlimited hot dogs, cranberry walnut chicken salad sandwiches, hamburgers, brats, french fries, and more! We’re even throwing in soda and water to help keep your whistle wet. Now you might be asking yourself, “What in tarnation is a 7-Game Pack?” And maybe, “When did I start using words like tarnation?”
The Mallards 7-game packages are the perfect way to soak up a whole bunch of summer baseball fun – for not a whole bunch of money. In addition to all-you-can-eat, each ticket package includes:
• A ticket to 7 of our best games. 
• Guaranteed giveaways so you never have to worry about what time you show up.
• Flexible ticket exchange policy. Can't make a game? Simply exchange your ticket for a game that works better so you never miss a minute of the fun.
• A free Mallards baseball hat!
Best of all, each 7-Game Pack start at just $105 per package. If you're interested in purchasing a 7-Game pack, simply fill out the form below and Austin Hansen will reach out. Or you can contact Austin directly at 608-246-4277 or email


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