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Published On: March 3rd, 2017


Over the years, Mallards Executive Chef Tristan Straub has come up with some pretty spectacular specials: from the Baco to the Pork Parfait to last year's infamous Beer Nuts. Be it old(er) age, chef's block, or just plain laziness, this year he's asking for your help. The 2017 Fan Food contest is your opportunity to submit ideas for upcoming ballpark food specials. When it comes to food, the sky is the limit. BUT it doesn't have to be the "WORLD'S LARGEST" or contain 30 exotic ingredients or 6,000 calories – it just has to taste good.

The best ideas will be chosen to be featured throughout the season. Any winning idea will get two free tickets for the NEW Great Dane Duck Blind General Admission for the game that the item will be featured on and the winner will get to describe their item in the pre-game specials video that is played on the videoboard. To submit your idea, fill out the form below.