Mallards Weekly Rundown!

It’s your Mallards Weekly Rundown for the week of May 6th! We’re getting closer and closer to the season, and we’re launching more and more packages, pages, and more to ensure that you’ll have the best summer EVER!


Monday: We’ve got another Shake the Lake announcement for you today, stay tuned here:

Wednesday: You’ll want to save these dates, we’ve got our best ticket packages coming your way! We’ve also got Open Interviews at the Duck Pond from 3:30-7pm, apply here:

Thursday: We’re launching a brand new Facebook page for the Great Dane Duck Blind and with that is a special contest!

Friday: We’re announcing an amazing promotion for 2019. We’re giving back to our community and having fun at the same time! 

Saturday: It’s our 5-Game Club Open House and Spring Cleaning Merch Sale at the Duck Pond! Must RSVP here: