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Published On: May 14th, 2021

Mallards 2021. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers….hopefully, but they might change, scratch that, they WILL change? OK, so here’s our current plan that should be in place for at least the next four days. We don’t anticipate any major changes until May 18, when the next PHMDC order is released, so stay tuned. We’ll do our best to update this FAQ as things evolve, but really nothing has changed much in 2021 so far, so why would we think things will start changing now?


Single Game Tickets:

When is Opening Day?

  • After a 20-month hiatus, the Mallards return to Madison on Monday, May 31st


What will the score be of the Home Opener? 

  • Mallards 19 – Covid 0!


When do single game tickets go on sale?

  • Saturday, May 15th at 9am single game tickets for the first 2 weeks of the Mallards season will go on sale at 


Why only the first 2 weeks?

  • We are hoping that the June Public Health Madison & Dane County Guidelines evolve in a manner that allows us to safely use more of the seats in our stadium. The order should be announced in late May. At that point, we’ll open up games for the rest of June, if not more.
  • We’ve also heard preliminary reports of dragon attacks and alien invasions in July, but we’re awaiting confirmation from our sources before we finalize plans for those games. Get ready for chain mail body suit giveaways, just in case!


I see reserved seating is available in pods of 1-7 people, how should I select tickets?

  • To provide the safest environment possible for fans, staff and players, and to maximize guest comfort, reserved seats have been grouped into “pods” with a minimum distance of six feet between each pod.
  • Due to the current social distancing guidelines, we are operating at a severely reduced capacity and therefore are requiring ticket buyers to purchase all available seats within their desired pod.
  • Customers who do not purchase the entire pod will be contacted by the ticket office and may have their order subject to cancellation/refund or re-seating. We will absolutely do our best to find a solution you’re happy with…the Mallards were built on great customer service after all (Thanks Steve Schmitt!)


I don’t see any pods that match the number of tickets I need, what should I do?

  • If there isn’t an available pod that matches your ticket need, we ask that you call the ticket office at 608-246-4277 or email for help. 


The Mallards are going 100% digital in 2021! 

  • But I hate smart phones and refuse to get on board with the hottest trend of 2007! How do I get my tickets? Give us a call and we’ll help you out! 608-246-4277
  • Your tickets will be emailed to you as a pdf. You can show the pdf on your phone upon entrance to the stadium or print it out in advance. 


Do I need to wear a mask at the game?

  • Well, that is a good question! Currently, masks are ONLY required in common spaces (i.e. restrooms, concessions lines, entering/exiting the stadium and accessing seats), however, we think that may change soon (as in next Tuesday). We think that vaccinated individuals will not need to mask anywhere in the stadium. Stay tuned on this one.


Do you have vaccine sections?

  • Yes. Section 103, the Tricor West Bend Deck and the Great Dane Duck Blind rooftop are available as fully vaccinated sections. 
  • By purchasing a seat in one of these sections you are confirming that you will be fully vaccinated by the day of the game you attend. 
  • Per Public Health Madison & Dane County guidance, no vaccine card or identification will be required upon entry. 


Why did we create vaccinated sections?

  • Mostly because after Maynard received his vaccine, he started hearing strange voices coming from his arm telling him to create fully vaccinated sections at the ballpark. 
  • Also, current Public Health Madison & Dane County Guidelines allow for vaccinated sections to operate at 100% capacity and do not require social distancing or the use of masks. Phew. Simply put, in an effort to safely get as many people in the stadium as possible, we have decided to offer this type of seating.


Do you have super awesome fun sections?

  • Yes! Just like every one of our 20 years in Madison, every section in the Duck Pond will be deemed super awesome fun sections. Get ready.


I see single game ticket in the TDS Triple Play Club, Tricor/West Bend Deck, Great Dane Duck Blind Pods and the Duck Blind Club, what are these, I’ve never seen them before?

  • Single game tickets will be offered in these areas when they are not sold to groups
  • This may change once capacity restrictions loosen and we have more availability in the grandstand and Duck Blind General Admission
  • TDS Triple Play Club tickets will include a stadium seat.
  • Tricor West Bend Deck will be a fully vaccinated, general admission section. 


What is the current stadium capacity? 

  • We are operating about 28% capacity in the grandstand and slightly more than that in the hospitality areasGreat Dane Duck Blind Club and Pods will be socially distanced tables for 4-8 and include unlimited food and beverage from the Great Dane Duck Blind concessions


What are the Great Dane Duck Blind Reserved Pods (AKA Reserved Tables.. AKA Private Pods.. internally we’ve changed the name a few times)?

  • This is a new seating area was created for the 2021 season to offer additional socially distanced reserved seating
  • This area used to be part of the Duck Blind General Admission
  • Ticket buyers must purchase the entire pod (4 or 6 seats)
  • Food and beverage is included and acceded from the Great Dane Duck Blind Concessions