The Madison Mallards have become the Madison Muskallards

The Madison Mallards have officially rebranded to become the Madison Muskallards. Inspired by the myth of Lake Mendota’s own Loch Ness-style monster named Bozho, this is the fourth rebrand in the team’s history and the first time the team won’t be known as the Mallards.

“Let’s be honest, the name Mallards is just boring,” said the first General Manager of the Muskallards, Samantha Rubin. “Muskallards? Now, that is funny, it ties into the history of our City and is generally much fishier than our current branding. The name Muskallards also has the bonus that no one outside Madison will have any idea what it is, which will allow us true Madisonians to generally look down on the rest of Wisconsin, one of our favorite pastimes.”

The story goes a little deeper, however, literally. Since the 1860s, Madison legend has it that deep in the waters of Lake Mendota lurks a sea creature named Bozho. Several sightings over the years haven’t resulted in a true understanding of what the creature looks like, but we’re confident that what people have been seeing for over 100 years is in fact a 25’ long Muskallard with an orange duck bill and webbed feet. Since Bozho has been known to be fun-hearted, as lake monsters go at least, having been known to tickle the feet of sunbathers, amongst other tomfoolery, naming our family-friendly baseball team after him, seemed to be a fitting tribute. There is a ton of information online if you’d like to learn more, here is a great start.

The Friday, June 16 Muskallards game will feature the first-ever Muskallard bobblehead as the Muskallards attack the Lakeshore Chinooks.

Fans can pre-order merchandise on the newly updated team store.

For more information on the Madison Muskallards, visit or email ← we are still updating the website and emails.