NOW HIRING – General Manager

Saturday December 22, 2018

The Thunder Bay Border Cats are seeking a dynamic, experienced General Manager to support the Board of Directors.

Cover Letters and Resumes will be accepted until January 5th, 2019.  Job Applicants can submit their cover letters and resumes to

Job Title:  General Manager Position Type:  Full Time
Location:  Thunder Bay, ON Canada Date Posted:  December 12, 2018
Salary:  Salary (TBD) + Commission Posting Expires:  January 5, 2019

Job Description


1.    Business Operations

a)       Develop an annual budget and corresponding plan detailing the goals and objectives of each department for the Team. This budget should include contingency planning should there be a need to make changes prior to the year’s end in order to accomplish and achieve the goals of the Owner.

b)       Deliver an approved annual budget program and cash flow analysis by October 1 of each year to be implemented immediately.

c)       Have regular monthly discussions with the Board of Directors regarding the status of the accounts payable, receivable, payroll and cash flow.

d)       Provide to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis the current payroll, accounts receivable, payables and cash on hand.

e)       Provide to the Board of Directors a monthly variance report that shows the status of the Team’s budget including but not limited to the current cash flow, monthly and yearly variances and explanations.

f)        Manage the concession contract and oversee relations between the Team and its concessionaire.

g)       Evaluate the concessionaire/concession sales on an annual basis and provide the Board of Directors with written suggestions for improvement.

2. Strategic Team and Sales Planning

a)       No later than December 1 of each year submit to the Board of Directors a set of the Team’s goals and objectives.

b)       Sales Planning & Management

  • Develop and implement a plan for increasing corporate advertising and sponsorship revenue.
  • Develop and implement method of communicating with and motivating the sales teams’ members to achieve sales goals
  • Develop process for tracking and, ultimately, closing, sales leads.
  • Provide sales training for staff.

c)       Season, Individual and Group Sales Plans

  • Develop a plan that will allow for a sustainable ticket campaign throughout the season, designed to significantly increase group sales and mini-plan ticket packages.
  • Develop group ticket plan and pricing strategy.
  • Develop a season ticket and mini-season ticket pricing plan and sales campaign, including a uses and benefits strategy that will be conveyed to the Team’s customers.
  • Develop a written plan to expand attendance on games throughout the season.


3. Staffing

a)       Establish human resources policies on sexual harassment, discrimination, and other such topics. Report immediately and confer with the Board of Directors any and all human resources issues as they develop.

b)       No later than December 1 of each year submit to the Board of Directors a staffing plan and organizational flow chart for the Team for the current year, including a timeline for hiring new staff

c)       Hire outstanding personnel to fill all available positions.

d)       Develop job descriptions for each full-time staffer and requirements for each job, including priority task lists.

e)       Conduct annual performance reviews with each staff member.

f)        Establish and maintain a strong and positive relationship with the Team’s full-time and game-day staff.


4. Marketing

a)       Identify and categorize businesses for corporate partnerships and sponsorships

b)       Work with the Board of Directors to develop a creative marketing campaign that includes print ads, television ads, radio ads, a vigorous website, and unique marketing tactics.

c)       Establish strong media relationships with local TV, radio and newspaper employees and consummate agreements to drive ticket sales and add value to the corporate partners of the Team.

d)       Develop a written strategic marketing plan by November 1 of each year.

e)       Establish a promotional calendar for the Team by December 1 of each year for all baseball games that (1) enhances ability to drive group and individual ticket sales, (2) reinforces value for full-season and partial-season subscriptions and (3) maximizes the number of games the Team can sell out each season.

f)        Maintain ongoing management of game/event entertainment (music, p.a., on-field promotions, and special events) in the ballpark to deliver a consistently superior, innovative and fresh approach and to ensure maximum enjoyment by our fans.

g)       Manage the Team’s brand by ensuring compliance with logo usage specifications for all merchandise used by the organization or approved usage by outside parties (e.g. corporate partners, group outings, etc).

h)       Oversee the daily editing of the Team’s website and make suggestions for the ongoing improvement of its content.

i)         Grow the size of the Team’s database of customer information with specific emphasis on the acquisition of e-mail addresses and the capturing of information for the Team’s corporate partners. Maintain the structure of the database to ensure the ability to target segments of the population based on prior customer behavior or attributes. Utilize the database and e-mail marketing on a regular and frequent basis during the season to implement chosen marketing initiatives.

j)         Oversee market research, including planning, composition and implementation of written surveys, focus groups, and telephone surveys, for broad and targeted segments of the Team’s customer base.


5. Community Relations Plan

a)       Encourage the Team’s players to become actively involved and visible throughout the Club’s home territory.


6. Public Relations

a)       Build strong relationships with the leadership of local business organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Club, Rotary, Knights of Columbus, and other such groups within the Team’s home territory.

b)       Build positive relationships with the Mayor, City Council Members, City Manager, Finance Director, Director of Parks and Recreation, Provincial legislators and other elected and unelected public officials in the Team’s home territory.

c)       Build positive relationships with local media in the Team’s home territory, including area newspaper reporters, TV and radio station general managers and vice presidents, and on-air talent.

d)       Develop a positive relationship with the Tourism Department.


7. NWL Affiliate Relations & Team Travel

a)       Manage the player contracts and oversee relations between the Team and the NWL.

b)       Communicate with the NWL in the areas of travel, payments, reimbursements and player personnel issues.

c)       Assure that the Team has an efficient travel schedule to and from its home ballpark that minimizes player travel and club expenses.

d)       Manage the relationship between the Team and its primary bus company.


8. Promotions

a)       Develop innovative promotional campaigns that strategically integrate with marketing, business communications, corporate sponsorship, group sales, in-game entertainment, and community relations to drive ticket sales and expand media reach.

b)       Establish a promotional calendar and written plan as a component to the marketing plan for all home games. Design promotions that provide fun, affordable, family-friendly in-game entertainment.

c)       Implement all promotions in a proactive manner throughout the year and communicate in advance the key aspects of each promotion to the staff and appropriate media partners in a timely manner.

d)       Manage the in-game promotions (music, p.a., on-field promotions, and special events) to deliver a fresh and entertaining product for each game to maximize fan enjoyment.


9. Authority and Reporting

a)       Employee shall report directly to the Board of Directors, and submit a monthly sales report off-season and weekly sales reports during the season to them.

b)       Employee shall report to the Board of Directors on a weekly basis to review the past week, upcoming duties and direction of staff and Team.

c)       All expenses, travel and vacation time of Employee must be pre-approved by the Board of Directors (and, if applicable, followed with a detailed expense report and receipts).

d)       Employee shall promptly return all calls and answer all e-mails from the Board of Directors.

e)       Employee agrees that final say on all matters resides with the Board of Directors.


10. Overall Management Objectives

a)       Oversee the day to day operations of the Team and its ballpark.

b)       Create a work environment that enforces a positive workplace.

c)       Maintain open communications with all staff members.

d)       Meet with staff to determine goals for each individual.

e)       Supervise and track staff to make sure each member is on track to reach target goals.


Job Requirements

Minimum of 4 years’ experience working as either general manager, assistant general managers, sales manager or director of operations.