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Published On: October 27th, 2022

Wausau, Wisc. – Former Woodchucks intern from the 2022 season, Riley Humphrey, shared his experience on his internship and on how he felt it helped him continue in the sports industry into a full time role with the Madison Capitols Hockey Team.


“Growing up 20 minutes from Athletic Park left my childhood filled with summer memories being at Woodchucks games. From being the batboy, running in the Ketchup and Mustard race, to just watching some Woodchuck walk-off magic I’ve seen it all. It’s rare to have the number of experiences I’ve had, but it’s rarer making those experiences happen for the next generation of Woodchuck fans and their families.

Unsure about what I wanted to do following college, I accepted an internship with the Woodchucks for two reasons: I love sports (and baseball specifically) and I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Within a few days I knew that I had made the right choice and that I wanted to rest of my life to be involved in sports. This internship with the Woodchucks was filled with hard work and long hours, there’s no denying that. But when the lights come on and you realize that your job takes place at a baseball game, all those hours of work become worth it.

This internship will have you doing things that at times you don’t expect or understand, but I assure you they are important and will better prepare you for any sports team. It helped make me comfortable working in ticketing, understand how to communicate with businesses, and appreciate all the work that goes into making a team work. This internship gave me the ability to learn things about sports I never thought about from ticketing, group outings, to marketing promotions. But it also game me the ability to make people smile, laugh, and make their time with us a memorable one.

At the end of the summer I accepted a full-time position with the Madison Capitols Hockey Team, a job I wouldn’t have gotten without my time at the Woodchucks. While I may have traded in my bat and glove for a stick and puck, the lessons I learned here will always stay with me. There’s no better place to spend your summer than with the Wausau Woodchucks. You’ll make memories, friends, and gain skills that will last a lifetime because once a Woodchuck, always a Woodchuck.”


We are thankful to be able to provide great experiences and learning opportunities through our internships. Interested in being an intern for the Woodchucks? We have positions open for the 2023 season – visit our internship page for more information.