With the 10th season of Stingers baseball approaching, we wanted to put together a video series to showcase the team, the impact in the community, etc. entitled “Our Stingers”.

The goal was to get the point of view of various community members we’ve gotten to know and work with over the years. With the “Our Stingers” video series, we will showcase six different individuals perspective’s on topics such as their involvement with the team, why they are proud to be part of the Stingers, etc.

Our entire organization is extremely proud, and grateful, of all the outstanding relationships we’ve been able to build since the inaugural season in 2010. The fun and excitement seen at Bill Taunton Stadium would never be possible without the support of our season ticket holders, host families and sponsors!

Part 1: Deb Van Buren Watch on Facebook

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Part 2: Ken Warner Coming Soon!
Part 3: Bert Hansen Coming Soon!
Part 4: Cathy Johnson Coming Soon!
Part 5: James Miller Coming Soon!
Part 6: Dave Baker Coming Soon!