Stingers Jersey Auction


During select home games throughout the 2019 Stingers season, fans will have the opportunity to bid on the authentic black jerseys worn by the Stingers courtesy of Thrivent Financial. These jerseys will be provided to the winning bidder once the auction closes.

The money raised from the Jersey Auction presented by Thrivent Financial will benefit the Kandiyohi County Food Shelf. The Stingers, Thrivent Financial and Stingers fans have teamed up to raise over $42,300 for the Kandiyohi County Food Shelf during the past 9 seasons. 2019 marks the tenth season of the Thrivent Financial Jersey Auction, and both the Stingers and Thrivent Financial have set a goal to surpass $50,000 raised for families in need in West Central Minnesota.

If you are unable to be at the Beehive this season, you can submit a bid via email. Please send bids to and include your name, bid amount, and phone number. The auction will run through the regular season finale on August 11th.

Minimum bid for each jersey is $175

(Bid increments of $5)

Buy the jersey outright for $375

Aldo Fernandez

Current Bid:

Bryant Claunch

Current Bid: $175 (C. Dodds)

James Gamble

Current Bid: $200 (A. Hoppe)

Justin King

Current Bid: $225 (C. King)

Matt Caselli

Current Bid: $175 (Vonderharr)

Al Leyva

Current Bid: $200 (C. Leyva)

Chris Peres

Current Bid: $200 (R. Peres)

Augie Sylk

Current Bid: $175 (Gillespie)

Kaden Fowler

Current Bid: $175 (Eichhorst)

Bradley Kinsey

Current Bid: Nielsen ($175)

Gus Cunningham

Bought Outright: Lowther ($375)

Bo Henning

Current Bid: $200 (B. Theten)

Garret Rukes

Current Bid: $175 (Black)

Luke Bowman

Current Bid:

Jack Zigan

Current Bid: 

John Bezdicek

Current Bid:

Polo Portela – SOLD

Bought Outright: Lowther ($375)

Daniel Walsh – SOLD

Bought Outright: Nielsen ($375)

Trevor Divinski

Current Bid: $175 (R. Divinski)

John Trousdale

Current Bid: $175 (Manset)

Kade Lancour

Current Bid: $180 (L. Lancour)

Chase Stanke – SOLD

Bought Outright: $375 (Gillespie)

Brandon Bohning

Current Bid: $175 (M. Bos)

Sam Baier

Current Bid: $180 (A. Baier)

Andrew Lucas

Current Bid:

Noah Haupt

Current Bid:

Branden Boissiere

Current Bid: $175 (Rudnick)

Brennan McKenzie

Current Bid:

Joel Cheatwood

Current Bid: $175 (Enstad)

Masen Palmier

Current Bid:

Luke DeGrammont

Current Bid: $175 (Enstad)

Josh Wintroub

Current Bid:

Casey Dykstra

Current Bid: Nielsen ($175)

Riley Johnson

Current Bid:

Ryan Johnson

Current Bid:

Garrett Herring

Current Bid:

Ricky Maddock – SOLD

Bought Outright: $375 (Maddock)